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Music that sucks can also be somewhat entertaining.

The Amplifidelics
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You've hit the community for the kick-ass band, The Amplifidelics! Uhh...Welcome...!o.o

Who?: The Amplifidelics are a band located near San Francisco, California. They are composed of three people-Lizzie(Vocals, Guitar), Christina(Bass Guitar), and Devin(Drums). More info can be found on their site above.

What?: This is a community to celebrate the JOY of their music. Or something along those lines. It's a place for Lizzie or whoever else in their band to tell us of upcomming shows, website updates, and for us all to just hang out and say stuff, and randomly be screaming fangirls(and boys).

How?: You like The Amplifidelics and want to join? There's a link on the top of the page that says "Join this community", which you follow. To post in this community, on the "update journal" page, click the drop-down box that says "Journal to post in" and select "amplifidelics". Post yer post and then you're done!

Rules?: Uhh, sure. We have rules. Uhhh...*scrambles around in papers*Errr...:
1)No homophobic/racist comments or post. Meaning no use of not-so-nice words. You know which ones I mean :(

2)No..uhh...Anti-Amplifidelic talk! If you hate them make your own comm! Even if you're joking/sarcastic. It's annoying. So stop it. Harassment isn't fun, even if you're in the god damn band.

3)I'm done now. I'm your mod, my name is Issei and my journal is iku, so come to me to bitch when you need to.