jazzbanddropout (jazzbanddropout) wrote in amplifidelics,

ub3rs of n0

The Amplifidelics wouild like to thank...

Nestor Cuevas, Ray Rinaldi, Denise Rinaldi, Alan Nixon, Marie Schymberg, Jody @ Punkfairy.org, Kevin Conway, Ruben Rios, Dominic Colombini, Morgan Womble-Dahl, Operation Hooligan, Schwank, Back Seat Driver, Slept Thru High School, Inverness, Sputterdoll, Mishap, The Muckruckers, Shinobu, Tastes Like Burning, Adam Richardson, Travis Richardson, Zach Muck, Sean Long, Maei Flowers, Robert Hallett, Jeff Weathers, Gina Galang, Westmoor High School, Steve Beaty, Jack Magee and Spindrift, Young & Emerging Artists' Club, Fil-Am Club, Daly City Youth Health Center, Concerts F1rst (we guess), Because Art Matters, GIRLStock, Ramstock, The BrainWash Cafe, Tiffany Hall and The Vibe, Sleepy Productions, Longshot Productions, Aiden Dire, Take a Chance Productions, Pacific Art Collective, LIVING IMPAIRED, Kasper and Muriel @ Black Cat Records, The List, \/enue \/ibe, Craigslist.org, Girlpunk.net, Rocket 77, Carolyn Woo, Primo Rivera, Robert Morales, Rachel Reves, Taylor Dahl, Joshua Knoles, Issei, Kinko's, Karis Zaldivar, Beatriz Zaldivar, Sasha Zaldivar, everyone who came to our lame shows, everyone who bought tickets to our shows, everyone who helped pass out flyers, everyone who thought we were cool (weirdos), everyone who visits this website, everyone who bought a CD and/or other merch, everyone on our LiveJournal Community/Yahoo! Group/Xanga Blogring, everyone who signed up for our mailing list, and anyone we forgot, please insert name here:

Thank you for enduring one and a half years of crappy music. ♥
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