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10.25.03 - Post-show news

Thanks to everyone who came out to both our shows today. Both shows at Westmoor and at Mishap's place were rather successful, so yay :D. Big, BIG, BIG thanks to Sputter Doll and Mishap for getting us the gig at the Downstairs ^^. Well, as of now, our next show is in December at The BrainWash, so hope to see you all there. Until next time :)
Lizzie updated on October 25, 2003 @ 11:02PM

Well, that's what it says on our website. Specifically speaking, we were only allowed 4 minutes at the Westmoor show, 'cause they're stupid, but we went over our time limit anyway. The show afterward was okay, but I was too tired, Devin was too tired, Christina was too tired... we were just all too tired, and I got nervous anyway for a weird reason. I actually played okay at Westmoor though--I wasn't a statue. Dom was cool today, and a lot of days, for being our roadie/sound guy. Yay.

We're gonna order new buttons, they look cooler than our old ones.

I'm gonna stop right herre (lol, right thurr) because stupid people eat at this computer and the a, ;, and ' keys are stupid and don't work;;;;;''';'''''''''''''''''';;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


Crap, I',,m seoros...
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